"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavens." Ecclesiastes 3:1

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Grabbing on to the Memories

Six years ago at this time, Buddy and I were sitting down to the roast I had cooked for dinner.  The house was quiet and (mostly) clean.  I was scheduled to be induced the next morning and I remember being very nervous about the hours, days, and years ahead.  I prayed for God to guide my every step.  Just a few hours later, I went into labor and gave birth naturally to my beautiful baby girl (an hour before my scheduled induction). 

These last 6 years have been quite a journey for me as a mother.  Every day is a new adventure.  The quiet has been replaced with laughter (and screaming) and the house is rarely clean, but my arms are always full and my heart overflows with a love that I could spend all day trying to describe. 

I wish I could tell them to slow down.

My kids are growing up so fast, and even though I am home with them every day, I still feel like I can't grab on to all of the memories fast enough. 

I want to capture the magic of her giggle when Buddy tickles her until she can hardly breathe.  I can take a video of the moment, but it just doesn't seem like it will be enough in the years ahead. 

As I stare at her laughing, "She loves him so much!" is forever written on my heart.

As I watch her walk around the house with yet another Dr. Seuss book in her face, I try my hardest to wrap my heart around all of the emotions I feel as I listen to her.

"I actually taught her how to read!" I tell myself. 

How long will it take before I forget the feeling of her sweet hands on my face as she wiped away my tears when she discovered me hiding in my room crying?  She didn't even know what was wrong, but she somehow knew how to comfort me with her words and cradle my big, pregnant body in her tiny arms.

"She learned that from us." I realize, long after she disappears.

I have so many memories from these last 6 years that my mind is flooded as I try to unscramble all of them to type.

No matter how many I write down, I will always miss twice as many more.

It just goes by SO FAST.

I still feel like I am falling asleep with her newborn body in my arms, only I know I will wake up tomorrow and six years will have somehow flown by.

Someone help me to slow it all down and to grab each and every memory!

My life is so full and my heart constantly overflows.

I have the job I always dreamed of and the life I always wanted.

My house is full of noisy kids and my floor is constantly scattered with their toys.

And even though there are times when it all makes me crazy, I pray every day for God to remind me that I am so very blessed.


  1. It has certainly been a journey. Even though it feels like it was yesterday, I can't seem to remember what it was like to have that silence. What did we DO all day? How did we deal with the silence?

    1. Everything has a season. Our "quiet" season was just shorter than most of the people we know. Sometimes I long for that quiet again, wishing it were just the two of us, looking ahead at our unknown future, but that desire never lasts for long. I know we are exactly where God wants us to be. He is the author of our seasons. He decides how long each of them will last and I am more than happy to keep Him in control. I love our "little" family! :)