"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavens." Ecclesiastes 3:1

Thursday, March 21, 2013

There Once was a Boy

There once was a boy who witnessed a marriage of 17 years dissolve right in front of him.

Two people that represented family and love and commitment, suddenly exploded into pieces of what they once were. 

One day, that boy, still young and confused, met a girl.  She was fun and exciting, but he still couldn't stop wondering if true love really did exist.  He was living in a broken shell of what used to be his life, and no one, not even the girl, could change the shattered truth that was in front of him every morning.

At first, he loved the girl and held her close.

Then, he pushed her away.

Rinse. Repeat. 

The girl, despite the heartache that he caused, loved the boy.  She tried her hardest not to love him, but something always pulled her back to him.

It was difficult for even her to believe, but somehow she knew.

God wanted her to marry the boy someday. 

So, the girl prayed for the boy.  She did her best to be his friend in any way that he would let her, and slowly, their friendship grew.

One night, after hanging out together as friends, the boy left the girl's house to go home.  A few minutes later, he found himself back on her doorstep.

As the girl opened the door, the boy wrapped his arms around her, then kissed her cheek, her forehead, and finally, her lips. 

He confessed, "I've been wanting to do that for so long." 

Overwhelmed and in shock, the girl smiled.

The wait was finally over. 

The boy and the girl grew in their faith together, and as their faith increased, so did their love.

Years passed, and the boy grew into a man. Eventually, he married that girl who was now a woman, and they had four beautiful children together. Each time their family grew, their faith did also.

The man and the woman trusted in God, and He provided for them.

Although their love was strong, their marriage wasn't perfect. They had moments of frustration and their fair share of disagreements. Life would get hard, and they would fight the urge to give up and run in opposite directions. Sometimes the woman would get scared that maybe the man would eventually give up on her, but they would talk things through and he would always reassure her.

"I'm not going anywhere.  Ever."

One day, in the middle of a disagreement, the woman asked the man, "How do you know that you won't give up like they did?"

With the quickness of a man who had already thought long and hard about this very question, he answered.

"I know because we have our faith.  We might disagree at times, but we also pray together. I don't think they ever had that."

His words gave comfort to the woman.

God was the glue that would keep their family together.

The man grew strong and determined.  He provided for his family, even when that meant long hours doing unsatisfying work. He was honest and hardworking, and he took pride in caring for his family.

Over time, despite his best efforts to be true to himself and to God, the world tried to break the man.  He was torn down and dragged through the mud, but over and over again, this man - this amazing man - dusted himself off and stood back up again.

The woman prayed for God to heal the man of the hurt that the world had caused, and each time He would.

Because He is our Almighty Father, and He can heal anything if we let Him. 

The man, strengthened by our Almighty Father, stayed faithful to God and to His Word.  He trusted God to help him provide for his family, and because he knew that God was stronger and mightier than the world, he did not worry.  The man led his family with his faith and his strength, and his family was so blessed by the man. 

Because of all of the heartache and frustration that the world had caused, the woman needed to find a way to tell the man that she is so very proud of him. She needed the man to know that he is such a blessing to her and to their children.  She needed to say that his example as a man of God is far more important than any fancy job title or paycheck. The woman also wanted to reassure the man that the weight of being Husband, Father, and Provider did not have to be carried alone.

She wanted to remind him that God can and will remain faithful to His promises, no matter who or what He is up against.  

 There once was a girl who fell in love with a boy...
                                            that turned into an amazing man of God.

(I love you.)