"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavens." Ecclesiastes 3:1

Friday, February 6, 2015

Deja Vu: Dreams Come True

I woke up this morning to this cuddle bug being extra cuddly.

He rubbed my back and gave me lots of hugs. He sat up with excitement and shouted, "I took a good nap! I'm a big boy!"  

(Not quite kiddo. Big boys sleep through the night. Let's keep working on that one.)

Still tired from that 2:30AM waking that lasted almost 45 minutes, I forced a smile and told him that I was proud of how much better he was doing.

Encourage and hope.

Encourage and hope.

Encourage and hope.

Then the little stinker did something that totally caught me by surprise. He grabbed my face with both hands, kissed both of my cheeks, my forehead, and then my lips and said, "I love you, Mom!"

Melt. My. Heart. Into. A. Puddle.

As if this gesture wasn't sweet enough all by itself, I also had tears in my eyes from deja vu. Almost 16 years ago, his daddy had done that same pattern of kisses on me. After a long break up, he realized he was in love with me, and that was the way he told me.

It was completely unexpected and romantic enough to be right out of a movie.

As I stared into my baby's eyes (the big, chocolate brown eyes that he gets from his daddy), I felt my heart bursting inside.

How do I ever let a moment go by where I forget all of my blessings?

Moments later, my bed was overflowing. The 3 big kids had piled in and fought for bed space, and then we all snuggled under the covers to keep warm.

Seventeen years ago, as I closed my eyes and received my very first kiss, I did what every teenage girl does: I imagined my future with the boy who had my heart.
Now here I am, preparing to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary in a few months and being loved on by our four beautiful, amazing children.

God is so good.

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